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The terracotta breathes airs of a past that brings us back to the dawn of our civilization. Although it is one of the oldest materials used in the construction of buildings, it does not seem to suffer the effects of the passage of time. Always current, refined and versatile, the terracotta floor follows the history of man and lends itself to a plurality of stylistic solutions with excellent guarantees of quality, resistance and ease of maintenance.
Domus Linea, always attentive to the quality level of its products and following a path of continuous technological innovation, has been offering a wide range of terracotta products since the 1970s. This family of products, to satisfy the increasingly demanding requests of customers, is enriched day by day with new proposals and brilliant housing solutions. We find different types of terracotta products: Cotto Arrotato Naturale, Cotto Arrotato Presild, Cotto Arrotato Cerato Blitz and Cotto Edilizia Arredo Urbano.
As You can see, some of the characteristics of the products can already be deduced from the names of the products. the grinding, pre-filing and waxing processes are done entirely in our factory.

Domus Linea also has and offers its customers, in collaboration with the best companies in the sector and in the area, specific products suitable for the care, maintenance and cleaning of terracotta products.

Cotto Arrotato Cerato Blitz


Cotto Arrotato Naturale

Cotto Arrotato Presild