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Klinker is universally known for its excellent technical characteristics, in terms of frost resistance and endurance, which make it the ideal material for outdoor installation.
In addition to boasting high technical standards, the Domus klinker has always had extremely valuable aesthetic features and is also suitable for interior design; in fact, the white body and the use of DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY combine to embellish the range of products, impressing each tile with its own refined uniqueness.
It can therefore be said that the klinker produced by Domus Linea does not just boast its high aesthetic profiles, but aspires to be a 360 °, modern and functional furnishing project.
Thanks to the wide and varied range of special pieces that accompany each single series, our klinker creatively dialogues with all the spaces of the house, indoors as well as outdoors, and giving each room an elegant and harmonious uniformity of style.

More specifically, klinker is obtained from the extrusion of a mixture of fine clays. The subsequent firing process around 1180 ° – 1200 ° determines a particular resistance to freezing, thermal changes, compression, slipping, in compliance with the ISO13006 ANNEX B standards.





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