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Via Della Chiusa, 8/A 42048 Rubiera - Italy

Tel: +39 0522 262811
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Its return to the world of ceramics is important.

Domus Linea offers a great variety of colors to best meet the demands of its customers.

It is a great product, which is usually used as a coating. We can find it glossy, satin, colored or neutral. The measure of the brick is fixed and corresponds to 6.5X26 cm, alternatively, Domus proposes it pre-engraved in the measure 13X26 cm (only for glossy colors).

Within the glossy colors we can find it in green, caramel and white. Looking at the range of other colors, however, we note that Domus Linea decides to present, together with the floor lines, the same colors for the covering in the format of the brick: Ocra, Mattone, Quarzo and Serena colors for the Monoplatten series, Appia and Aurelia for the Strade Romane series, Avana, Noce and Grigio for the Mix series, Red, Salmon, Random and Gray for the Country series.

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